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    February 15th, 2009adminCommentary, Design, Musings

    Originally posted on WomenGrowBusiness.com February 4th, 2009. Re-posted with permission.

    Laws for good site design (and life too)

    From time-to-time I’m asked what goes into creating a great website or blog.

    I say the same things it takes to create just about anything (and even a great life!) also make a great site. To prove my crazy theory, I’ve written down 10 laws for creating a great website or blog as well as a great life.

    While there is no secret formula for having the perfect site or life (Heaven knows I tried) much of these laws are the result of trial and error as a web designer and as a person.

    And like all laws, these are made to be broken.

    1. Have a vision

    For your website/blog

    So you want to design a new site or create a blog. Ask yourself this – Why? This seems like the easiest question to answer but for many it is the hardest. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a client and their answer to that question is some vague mishmash of “Everyone else is on the web”, “We need a blog”, “We need to look more Web 2.0”, “I want more clients, money, (fill in the blank here___________)”.

    While those are all good reasons to take a look at your existing web presence, it still doesn’t answer the question “Why”.

    Behind the decision to create a new site, there should be an overarching vision. What purpose will your site and blog offer? If it doesn’t have a clear purpose, you are going to have some trouble with the structure of the site and end up with a final product that doesn’t truly reflect your business.

    For your life

    While may of us may not know exactly what we want to do until we hit our mid to late twenties (even later for us late bloomers!) it is critical to have some kind of vision of who you are and your purpose.

    Author Stephen R. Covey calls this “Begin with the end in mind”.

    According to Covey, it means to a start with a clear understanding of your destination. You may not have all the details worked out yet (see the second law below) but you have an idea about your personal goals.

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